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Map Of Bali

Bali: two syllables that are pronounced upon returning from a successful trip to Bali like a mantra, a magic formula, with noticeably wide eyes. But what is happening in Bali? It is perhaps to find an answer to this question that you are reading these lines…

Bali is a small volcanic island between Asia and the Pacific, where a unique culture has developed, both refined and “primitive”, a subtle and fascinating mixture of Hinduism and animism, practiced with vigor until today and giving rise to colorful ceremonies, with a very strong spiritual intensity, but lived in a strangely relaxed way. In Bali, the visible and the invisible share reality equally and the population devotes a huge part of its energy and its economy to religious ceremonies , social cement and an opportunity to literally have a “party” with the participation of many music frenetic beats on the gamelan and bewitching dances .

The Balinese are “peasant-artists”, full of life and enthusiasm, hospitable by nature, very elegant and at the same time relaxed, proud of who they are without falling into arrogance, curious about everything and at the same time deeply attached to their beliefs and ancestral rites. This art of living has fascinated more than one traveler around the world and it is not uncommon to find some elements of Balinese decoration in our Western homes. By their rather scruffy humor, their joviality and their legendary sensuality, the Balinese are a bit like the “Latins” of Asia, people who are easy to approach and display a contagious good humor, suggesting that we not take “earthly” life too seriously, the main thing being elsewhere. Put these human qualities rich in teaching in a generous, luxuriant nature, bringing together on a small territory at the same time volcanoes, thousands of temples, picturesque beaches, lakes, rivers, deep gorges, and these ineffable rice fields in terrace and you have, even for the most down-to-earth tourist, an Island of the Gods .

NB: It should not be thought that it rains intensely every day in Bali during the rainy season. Unlike many other Southeast Asian countries, there is no monsoon on the island. The rain falls intermittently, mainly in the middle or late afternoon and at night. It is therefore perfectly possible to discover Bali during the rainy season, provided you are a little earlier in the morning.

On the gentle fertile slopes of the mountains and volcanoes of Bali, the main centers of settlement of the island have been formed. The first Balinese kingdoms naturally developed there as the population marvelously shaped the landscape with the sweat of their brow to create some of the most productive rice fields in the world, due in particular to its particularly sophisticated irrigation system, in order to feed an ever-growing population. It is therefore very logical that these fertile plains gradually became the economic, cultural and artistic heart of the island. To fully discover Bali, to soak up its specificities and completely feel all that this paradise island can bring, it is therefore advisable to linger a long time during your tour in Bali..

  • The centers and places of interest are numerous:

It is in these regions that you will find the oldest historical sites (Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi), the most famous sacred springs (Tirta Empul, Sebatu), some of the most important temples (Besakih, Ulun Danu Bratan, Ulun Danu Batur, Batukaru, etc) as well as the most authentic handicrafts. And it is naturally in this part of the island that the traditional Hindu ceremonies are the most numerous.

You will also discover breathtaking landscapes in the middle of the most bewitching rice fields on the island, among the most beautiful in Indonesia (Tabanan, Jatiluwih, Sidemen), the most impressive volcanoes (Agung, Batur) and the main lakes . altitude.

Finally, it is in these somewhat remote areas, off the beaten track, in which the population is the least accustomed to travellers, that one makes the most touching encounters, one of the most important things to do in bali aspects of a stay in Bali  .

The region of ubud bali remains the cultural capital of the island, with its many performances of traditional dances (Legong, Barong), its many temples and its restaurants serving tasty Balinese cuisine. Unfortunately, in the middle of the high tourist season, the city is taken by storm and we therefore advise against staying there too long during these periods of high attendance (mainly July-August).

Diving In Bali

For those who are primarily looking for a calm sea and beautiful seabed to observe with a mask and snorkel or scuba diving, we strongly advise to favor the north of Bali and in particular the small seaside resorts of the regions of Amed and Pemuteran. Few waves, little current, the conditions are ideal for swimming , even in the company of very young children. In addition, there are many coral reefs and the underwater diversity is a constant delight. Certainly the beaches , mostly black sand due to the volcanic nature of the island of Bali, are perhaps a little less beautiful there than in the south, but you will find many other advantages for your holidays in Bali, time in bali and travel to bali.

Surfing Bali 2024

The south of Bali, and in particular the tourist resorts hotels in bali of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Jimbaran, has developed a lot in recent years. Its beautiful white sand beaches in bali and the proximity of Bali airport as well as the famous temples of Tanah Lot and Uluwatu make it a privileged destination for mainly seaside Asian and Australian tourism. In general, the sea is rougher there than in the north (except in Sanur which is protected by a coral reef) and the surf spots are among the most famous in the world, especially on the Bukit peninsula. On the other hand, the seabed is of almost no interest. In our accompanied tours we generally propose to stay there only a few short nights when you arrive on the Island of the Gods or before you leave.